Andrew DeCastro Articles

Cooperative as Facilitator of Residential Electric Vehicle Experience – Digital Presentation

HomeServe, a leading provider of cooperative-sponsored home repair programs, conducted a study of EV owners to better understand consumer knowledge of and participation with cooperative programs, incentives, and home charging options. The survey sought to understand:...

Electric Vehicle Fleet Education: Partnering with Transportation Owners

Although electric vehicles (EVs) are primarily marketed toward individual drivers, targeting information at commercial fleet managers can be very impactful in the proliferation of consumer EV ownership. With the U.S. pledging to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by...

Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicles and More

In this is time of unusual challenges and opportunities for utilities, a recent roundtable hosted by HomeServe explored a number of issues facing the industry today. “How are Utilities, Regulators and Customers Planning for a Changing Environment?” featured a panel of...

Improve Satisfaction by Offering Recommendations from a Trusted Advisor

The energy industry is transforming from the bottom up, and consumers expect personalized recommendations that echoes their experiences with companies such as Netflix and Amazon.

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